About Us

Historical Background

Arnot OpCo is a broad-based black empowerment mining company that acquired the Arnot mine from Exxaro Resources Ltd in 2020. The acquisition transaction heralded as one-of-its-kind by the South African regulatory authorities and coal industry at large was spearheaded by retrenched Exxaro Arnot mine employees, Innovators Resources in partnership with Salungano Group Ltd (previously Wescoal Holdings Ltd).


The closure of the colliery by Exxaro in 2016 led to 1,500 employees losing their jobs, affecting local communities and other businesses directly and indirectly associated with the mine. Once fully re-established the mine will create more than 1,500 jobs.

A number of key milestones achieved to date include:

Our Values

At Arnot OpCo we believe in safe, responsible and sustainable mining. We always aim to implement , and mining processes that are sustainable and can reap long lasting benefits. Our business practices are supported by a focus on ever-improving technology.


We are committed to the community around us and see ourselves as responsible citizens within this community. We aim to promote equality among our partners and colleagues, and support transformation on a business, as well as a personal scale.

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